Champions Dough League – Best Tech Award

A screenshot of the game

Engine Unity3d with custom built network library for communication with Android phones.
Multiplayer based on what router you use it can run 10 to 18 players at the same time!
Prices Bedste tech.

Programmering Alexander Birke, Jesper Vandborg og Maximillian Müller
Graphics Pernille Sihm

Champions Dough League is a crowd game where Android phones are used as the controllers for the game. The players are divided into two teams that each has to get their own puck into the other team’s goal in order to get points. the players can either make the playfield more slippery rough py swiping or tapping on their phones. This makes it easier or harder to move the puck forward. Good teamplay is necessary to win! The graphics was first made in dough, photographed and finally manipulated on a computer.