INDIETAW: Board game edition


INDIETAW: Boardgame Edition
When: April 19th-21st, 2013
Where: Arsenalet, 8800 Viborg



This event has been postponed, due to a low number of sign-ups. We are aware that this is due to the short notice, and are working on finding a new date for the event. Stay tuned here on our website and Facebook for information about the new dates.

We’re very proud and happy to be announcing our first ever board game gamejam.
It’s the worlds oldest form of game development – and something that’s been on our todo for quite a while. We do realize that this is a pretty short notice event, but hope that you’re still up for joining and jamming with us!

Heavily inspired by the Nordic Game Jam and their “board game track” INDIETAW: Board game Edition sets out to give you a weekend with workshops, cool talks, and a chance to develop your very own board game!

Why board games?
When you work with board games, there’s no technical limitations such as software crashes and pipeline issues – instead you can focus on gamedesign, mechanics and playtests — maybe you’ll get to make several games in the three days the jam lasts!

Keynote: TBA
Workshop 1: Paper Prototyping 101

Sign up:
Sign up here! Limited tickets available!