IndieTAW November 2013 – Game Overview

indietaw-gameover1IndieTAW 2013, is done. 59 Participants stood together to make 11 fantastic games over the course of 48 hours.
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animal care

Made by the team: Bit of Us
You play as a little bunny-boy who has to save his friend from being bullied by the big bear. Can you save him without bullying anyone else in order to get what you want?



Made by the team: Bold&Brave
In this game the two players control two courageous knights in their struggle to defeat the troll. The knights must gain bravery by “saving” each other from danger. The first one to kill the troll wins.


Made by the team: Bravebird
In this game you must do a Skijump and see how far you can go.
Fun, intense and VERY addicting. Can you make it to the ocean?

Bridges in the sky

Made by the team: The uncreative club.
In this game you must guide your rolling ball around on the clouds to collect coins, by lowering and raising bridges.

Deliver me

Made by the team: Piccolo
In this game you play as a delivery boy trying to deliver a telegram. Can you find your way around this escher-esque world and deliver the telegram?
A puzzler with a story to tell.


Made by: Team F’art
In this game you had just a bit too much chili con carne, and you feel gassy. Can you sneak a cheek, without waking up your girlfriend? How far can you make it?

Let me out

Made by the team: Headless Hobo Entertainment
In this game you must navigate your way through the dungeon and solve different puzzles, in order to survive. How far can you make it?


Made by the team: Ferkeline
In this game you play as the roadies for the bands slayer or Metallica. the roadies must fight in order to get the loudspeakers for their band. Who will win in this 2v2 mayhem?

Suck it

Made by the team: Alpha Herbit
A game that focuses on intense multiplayer combat. Shoot Vortexes in an attempt to capture your opponent. But be careful! Don’t get sucked up into your own vortex!

The Motherfuckers

Made by the team: Bacon Games Inc.
A 3 vs. 1 game. one player is “The Motherfucker” and the other players have to work together to take him down The player who gets the kill, gets the power for himself.

Things in the dark

Made by the team: Cellar Dwellers
In this game you must go down into your mothers cellar, in order to find the stuff she forgot down there. Will you be able to survive and find the things you need? or will you be killed by the monsters lurking in the dark?