INDIETAW – Game overview

INDIETAW is over and done with, and out came some amazing games! 46 participants created 11 awesome games in less than two days, and winners were awarded and honoured! See the games + pictures after the break!

The games below have been created in less than 48 hours, as part of INDIETAW, the first ever gamejam at The Animation Workshop. A big thank you to our sponsors, the participants and the organizers – without you, we couldn’t have done this.

On the surface, Spoiler Alert looks like your regular run-of-the-mill platformer – but in this game the mechanics have been literally turned upside down.
Audience award: Best game
Jury selection (Sylvester Rishøj, Creative Director SYBO Games)

A technically impressive game, which utilizes Android powered smartphones to create a massively multiplayer social game experience in which every smartphone turns into the controller.
Audience Award: Best Tech

The story of a run-away, and slightly insane log – nicknamed “Psycho Log”
Control the log, and enact your revenge upon the evil beavers!
Audience Award: Best Aesthetics

A Whimsical (By Tim and Laura) is a quirky social game. In this game you (player 1) repeat the orders made by customers to the chef (player 2) – the twist is that you have to use sounds, not words, to represent the orders placed.
Jury Selection (Henrik Weide, Co-founder / Lead Developer, Progressive Media)

In Pet Power Shower it’s up to you to show mans best friend what happens when you mess up the carpet and upholsteries with dirty paws. The dog has to be washed, and you’re the only one who can do it!

Resistance Wars is a retro 8-bit inspired three-player game, forcing the players to choose to fight or collaborate.

Pinhead challenges you to keep track of thoughts, feelings, and sensory input (called “Elements”) and make sure that everything comes together (in the top of your head) at the end of the game.

You are a humble cigar trader in a banana republic, and you are tasked with getting the cigars to El Presidente. But the rebels in the jungle will try to prevent it, so you have to outfit your caravan with different weapons and defend the cigars.

In Trolls Vs Sheeps it’s up to you to save as many sheeps as possible, before the hungry trolls can eat them all!

Help Fat Boy to keep on his diet – control him away from sweets, crisps and the ever-so-persuasive sample ladies, and guide him towards a healthier lifestyle – if you can!

In Contamination you take on the role as the worlds most angry moving man, who decided that using bombs is the perfect way to move boxes from A-B. How few bombs do you need to complete each level?


Pictures from the weekend: