Help us populate the game-archive

Help us populate our game archive – send in your game information! We need your help to create a historical archive of games that has been developed at INDIE9000 throughout the years. We have already collected some of the games, but we are missing a while lot. Continue reading to see how you can help.

Before you start, look in our archive to see if your game is already listed.

If your game is listed, but withholds wrongful information (wrong date, missing screenshots and so forth), send us an email at with your corrections.

If your game is not on the list, continue to Step 1.

Step 1:

Log in, with the username “indiegames“, and the password: “indiemarmelade

Step 2:

Add your game by hovering your mouse over “+ New” in the top of the screen, and choose “Post”.

Step 3:

Write game informationWrite information about the particular game. Add screenshots and/or add a link to a YouTube clip of the game. Follow the guide-line shown in the bottom of the picture

Step 4:

Tell which INDIE9000 jam the game was developed at, by choosing a category under “Games”.

If a jam is missing tell through mail or in the commentary section below – then we will get it added as soon as possible 🙂

Step 5:

Submit your game by choosing “Submit for review”
Thanks for your help 🙂