Jam ressources

How to make your own INDIEJAM:

To help you get started, here’s a bunch of documents for you to get a head start when making your own jam. If you’d like your jam to be listed on our website, along Facebook and Twitter, just get in touch!

Check out our gamejam starter kit here.

Other cool jams:

– Exile is a small and cozy jam at Vallekilde Folk High School – they even have a sauna!

– Nordic Game Jam is the biggest game jam in the world, and totally rad.


List ‘O’ Links:

Zero-sleep Calendar – overview of jams in and around Denmark, maintained by Julian Hansen

CompoHub – overview of online and international jams

Promoter Calendar – overview of festival and talk deadlines for submitting your games

GameConfs – overview of international game conferences

Vlambeer Toolkit – a great collection of all kinds of tools and ressources