Engine: Unity3D

Platform: PC

– Alex Patrick Hauge
– Jeppe Pihl
– Kasper Færch Mikkelsen

– Alina Constantin

Your goal is to control the thoughts, senses and emotions (in his game called elements) of the old philosopher, by interacting with his head. You can pull his beard to open his mouth, press his eye and pull his hair on the back on his head. The objective is then to navigate the elements to the green target at the top of his head.

The game is still a prototype, but in the future it could be a kind of relaxing/zen game, and have more small details like birds flying around, trees growing on his head and such.

Known bugs:
– You can’t use the R button to restart the game.
– If you open the philosopher’s mouth, you have to close it properly, to prevent the elements from flying out.

Pinhead prototype for Windows
Pinhead prototype for Mac
Pinhead prototype for WebPlayer