Ragnarok 2015

GAME LINK: http://indiejam.dk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Ragnarok-2015.rar

In a distant future, faster than light travel has been discovered, space has been explored; all government jobs have been taken over by efficient robot drones and the cure for all diseases (including DEATH) has been found. The game takes place in this future, the year is 2015 (late march).
With nothing else left to do, people are demanding high quality TV-shows. The out-of-work former government employees have been chosen to play a crucial part in this by serving as unwilling soldiers in the game show Ragnarok 2015.
The two contestants of the game show each fly a Valkyrie E34 craft and their job is to lead their brave yet lazy squad of soldiers to victory.


REQUIRED: two Xbox 360 controllers.


  • Move:Left Thumbstick
  • Encourage: Right Trigger
  • Discourage: Left Trigger
  • Drop Waypoint: A
  • Pick up/drop troops: X
  • Turbo Boost: Y

Ragnarok 2015 is a local multiplayer game for two players, each taking direct control of a spacecraft, hovering over a battle field in a top-down view. The job of the players is to lead their squad of soldiers to victory without them personally attacking the enemy force. To help the players achieve this, they have the ability to motivate their own troops to perform better (or at all) in battle. At the same time, the players may use a similar power to demotivate the enemy’s forces.
As death is not an issue in this distant future, a player may resurrect their fallen soldiers if given enough time. The game ends when a certain score has been reached. Points are earned by killing enemy troops or by holding a certain point on the battlefield in a classic “king-of-the-hill” scenario.

Philip Ullersted
Martin Bach Nielsen
Dion Christensen
Kenneth Sjersgaard-Jacobsen
Jeppe Thaarup

Game Designers
Isak Salomon Køster
Dani Felix Montoya Laynes

Graphic Artists
Kristine Kjærsgaard Hansen
Bjørn Højlund Sørensen
Isak Salomon Køster
Dani Felix Montoya Laynes