Project rocket launcher

LIFT OFF!Do you hate when gamejams end? Wish you could keep working on your gamejam projects?

We’re proud to present: Project Rocket Launcher!

If you’d like to work for a tad longer on your gameprojects, maybe even a bit more than the allocated 48 hours that a gamejam provides you, we’ve got some awesome news for you!

Once INDIETAW is done, we’re part of a collaboration between Scandinavian Game Developers, The Animation Workshop and Viborg Animation Festival which will provide you and your team with the opportunity to keep working on your game projects!

For more information, send an email to A more in-depth presentation of this will also be provided during the gamejam.

awesome indie opportunities

Example of Rocket Launcher project:

You and your team create a wicked awesome game at INDIETAW (10.-12. august) – and you want to keep working on it. Scandinavian Game Developers makes sure that you’ll be provided with a free office space at the Arsenal, cola/coffee/snacks-ad-libitum and a place to sleep, so you can focus on making the! During the Viborg Animation Festival your game will be exhibited at the “Learning Games Expo”, where you’ll be able to meet and talk with interested partners. Afterwards the game will be taken onwards to securing funding and investors so the game can be taken the final step towards publishing and distribution (without it requiring much work from you or your team!)